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Supercarb S

Cups for determination of
carbon content in molten steel

Sidermag - Supercarb S
Cups for determination of carbon equivalent, silicon and carbon in cast iron
Scope of use:
Furnaces, ladles, cupola furnace
SUPERCARB S (for steel):
Carbon content
Range: from 0.01 to 2.00% of carbon
Precision: 0.01 %

Supercarb S Cup for determination of carbon content in steel – designed to measure carbon content of molten steel in oxygen converters, electric arc, induction and blast furnaces as well as in casting ladles of various types by pouring molten steel into a Supercarb S cup. Supercarb S cups are compatible and interchangeable with all connection systems and commercially available devices. No adaptations are required to use Supercarb S at your plant.

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