Continuous measurement of temperature in tundish

Sidermag - opticast
Measuring of molten metal temperature
Scope of use:
Measuring range:
Heating of tundish – from 800оС to 1400оС
Molten steel – from 1400оС to 1600оС
Measuring precision:
Heating of tundish 7оС
Molten steel 3оС
Response time:
Response time (hot) 75 sec
Response time (cold) 4 min
Stability of measuring probes:
12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours
Number of thermal shocks:
up to 5 times
Length of measuring probes:
964mm, 1100mm
Segmented (4 figures), red

System for continuous temperature measurement of molten steel in tundish – a new method of temperature measurement, which was researched and invented, based on the blackbody theory. The principle of temperature measurement system is immersion of a temperature probe into molten steel for determination of temperature. Blackbody temperature probe is specially designed to receive an infrared signal corresponding to the temperature of molten steel. OPTICAST system allows continuous measurement of heating temperature of a ladle, improvement of stability and reliability of liquid metal temperature measurement. System eliminates human factor errors due to fixed measurement position.

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