Submersible probe for measurement of hydrogen content in nickel

Sidermag - HH/LMM-Ni
Measurement of hydrogen in molten metal
Scope of use:
Small and medium furnaces, ladles, casting molds
Measuring range:
from 0,5 to 14 ppm H2
Measuring precision:
from 0,5 to 3ppm – 0,1ppm
from 3,0 to 14ppm – 3%
Reproducibility of results:
Measuring time:
up to 60 sec

Immersion probe for measurement of hydrogen content in nickel – designed to measure hydrogen of molten metals in induction furnaces, ladle-furnace units, vacuum cleaners as well as in casting ladles of various types by immersion (up to 60 seconds) in molten metal. Hydrogen measurement probes are compatible and interchangeable with all connection systems and commercially available instruments. No adaptation is required to use HH/LMM probes at your plant

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