Immersion probes for temperature, oxidation and carbon measurement and metal and slag sampling

Sidermag - SUBLANCE
Measurement of temperature, oxygen activity and sampling of molten metal
Application area:
Oxygen convectors, electric arc furnaces, induction furnaces, foundry ladles
Measurement Range:
from 1 to 2000 ppm O2 – metal oxidation
from 1000 to 1800 ° C – metal temperature
0,010 to 0,200 – carbon content
from 0.001 to 0.199% – aluminum content
0 + 3 ° С at 1554 ° С
(from 5 to 10) mV (depending on the level of oxygen activity)
The shape of the selected form of metal:
Circle: diameter 34 mm, thickness 12 mm
Oval: diameter 34mm, length 42 mm, thickness 12 mm
Two-thickness: diameter 34 mm, length 60 mm, thickness 12 mm, thickness 4 mm
Without deoxidizer, aluminum, zirconium, titanium
Measurement time:
8 sec
Tube length:
from 100 to 2500 mm (other lengths are available upon request)
Slag cap:
Steel, aluminum, copper, cardboard
Slag samples:
Spiral, diameter 6-8 mm
Type NSH:
B, S, R

SUBLANCE immersion probe for measurement of temperature, carbon and oxygen content, molten metal sampling and slag sampling – designed for simultaneous measurement of temperature, oxygen content, sampling and sampling of molten metal and slag in oxygen converters, electric arc, induction and blast furnaces as well as in casting ladles of various types by short-term immersion (up to 10 seconds) in molten metal. SUBLANCE are compatible and interchangeable with all connection systems and commercially available devices. No adaptation is required to use SUBLANCE at your plant

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