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Coolers for electric and electronic panels and cabinets

Sidermag - SIDERCOLD
Sidermag - SIDERCOLD
Principle of operation:
Compressed air enters a vortex tube of SIDERCOLD cooler at point (1). Vortex tube splits compressed air into hot (2) and cold (3) air flows. Muffled hot air flow from vortex tube is discharged into atmosphere at point (4). Hot air displaced from a cooler cabinet exits through point (5). Cold air enters cabinet (6) through a cold distribution hose (7). Muffler (8) reduces noise level.
Compressed gas 2.0 Bar
SIDERCOLD coolers can be equipped with internal and external thermostat, cold distribution hose, coarse filter, and silencer.

SIDERCOLD coolers provide low cost cooling with a stainless steel vortex tube for creation of cold air from conventional compressed air. SIDERCOLD coolers are compact and quickly installed at desired location. SIDERCOLD coolers have no moving parts.

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